About me

When I was little, I loved writing, drawing and painting.

I would search the clouds in the sky for dinosaurs and sheep.

Today I make unique pieces of jewellery made from precious antiques, each patiently crafted like a canvas.
Similarly I also like making jewellery from gold-plated or 9 carat gold, developed in small series using personalised inscriptions, or on my favourite subjects like luck and a star filled sky on a summer's night.

You can participate in the process by sending me those special details you would like to have engraved on the pieces and making it truly one of a kind, I will inscribe these personally.
I love above all, the story you have to tell.

J'espère que vous aussi, vous êtes sensibles
à la beauté d'un arc-en-ciel

Lifetime Guarantee

I have therefore decided to offer to reproduce all your jewellery engraved with personalised engravings without time limit against a flat fee of 25 euros. Simply drop off your jewellery at our workshop and we will bring it back to life within 48 hours. Please contact us for any further information on contact@delphinepariente.fr

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My work

I take great care in ensuring the highest quality of the jewellery I create for you.
The 18K gold plating is made in Paris and all my jewellery pieces are treated without nickel cadmium, the assembly and engravings are exclusively made in my Parisian workshop where we do not outsource any part of the creation process.

I personally engrave your memorable messages on custom made jewellery, each telling a story of an important moment of your life - whether it is a kind word, a marriage proposal, or a good luck charm. I feel truly honoured that you entrust me with your memories.